CMS on NodeJS

Review of CMS tools on NodeJS


  • Wheat - takes markdown files from git, by Tim Caswell -
  • Used by
  • Works fine (after changing the port to a free port)
  • Scotch - similar to Jekyll but without build
  • Redis caching
  • uses Geddy
  • not stable according to author -
  • Blacksmith - by Nodejitsu -
  • Was unable to make this work. Rendering the unit tests gave empty results (I created an issue)
  • UPDATE: My issue was answered. It worked fine after updating nodejs and cloning blacksmith once more.
  • Calipso - seams to have high ambitions, not sure how mature it is yet
  • traditional CMS, uses MongoDB
  • Been around some time so uses old approach, not building static pages based on markdown etc.
  • GeddyJS -
  • More framework than a CMS
  • Basic blog -
  • Works fine (after changing to a free port)

Some notes:

  • Scotch and Blacksmith generates static HTML which is good
  • Wheat and Basic blog requires a server running which is bad
  • Scotch is not stable according to the author and requires a Redis instance for caching which is bad
  • Calipso is more of a traditional CMS which is bad in this case

Geddy and Calipso are ranked high by Nodecloud (based on web site traffic).

CONCLUSION: I’m going forward with blacksmith. Mainly because static html files are generated and no application server or database is needed.


  • Listing of Node resoruces, CMS and others -