Cfengine language intro

Getting started with cfengine promises (the language)

Getting started with configurations

The learning curve for cfengine seams rather steep. I started with reading this crash course:

You should now be familiar with these concepts:

  1. promiser-type
  2. associations - are used by the promiser-type
  3. promiser - the abstract object making the promise
  4. promisee - the abstract object to whom the promise is made

Generalized syntax:

         "promiser" -> { "promisee1", "promisee2", ... }
            attribute_1 => value_1,
            attribute_2 => value_2,
            attribute_n => value_n;

You should also have learned the best practices when writing promises:

    comment => "Update the configuration from a master server",
    handle     => "update_policy",

    depends_on => {"serve_updates"},

Show availande classes:

sudo cf-promises -v

Types of hosts:

  • cf-agent - Keeps promisis in common and agent
  • execd - Runs agent and also keeps promisis in common
  • monitord - keeps promisis in common and monitor
  • serverd - Keeps promisis in common and server
  • cf-report - print reports from the cfengine database, keeps promisis in common

Now take a look at this: