Hosted helpdesk

Hosted Helpdesk solutions

Some alternatives:

  • - Starter $20/year (must buy full eyear), 3 agents, e-mail integration
  • supportbee - $19/month, max 300 tickets, unlimited agents, e-mail integration, API for export, seams simple
  • The tickets lacks an ID (strange, really basic)
  • Freshdesk - $9/agent/month, has email-to-ticket support ($324/year for 3 agents), API for export
  • HappyFox - Starter, $39/month, 3 agents,
  • - First agent free, $49/month/agent, SalesForce

I have chosen freshdesk after testing supportbee and freshdesk. Zendesk and currently seams to comprehensive, and expensive, for my purposes.