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Have github for $25/month, 10 private repositories:

  • 20 private repositories costs $50/month


I need a solution for managing tasks/issues that a team is working on. The team is typically small, no more than 5-10 developers.

It should be possible to enter a number of attributes on each issue:

  • Issue ID
  • Status - New / Functional Design / Technical Design / Development / Unit test / System test / Acceptance test / Closed
  • Assigned to - a team member
  • Estimate (possible split into estimate for design and estimate for development and test)
  • Time spent per team member
  • Description

It should also be possible to do some reporting:

  • Summary of time spent per issue over a specifc period
  • Summary of time spent per team member over a specific period



I’m currently using a Remine instance I’m hosting myself.

Hosted Redmine is offered by:

  • - €9/month

It is not obvious howto move this into the a hsoted Remine though. I have not seen any tools for importing and exporting projects.

Altassian JIRA

Probably the leader at the moment. $10/month for 10 developers with a free trail month.

I think I’ll test this one…

  • Needs Tempo addon for time reporting, $10/month for 10 users

Similar to Github bus supports SVN, Mercurial etc:

  • Issues
  • Has module for time reports
  • Seams a bit difficult to navigate
  • Free git repositories up to 1GB
  • $49/month for 40 users, 20GB ($19/month for 20 users and 2 GB)

Scheduling similar to MS Project:

  • Can import project files
  • Has several templates (IT, SCRUM, Product dev. etc)
  • Has module for time reposts
  • $25/user/month

Google Code


Available hosted for $6/month here:


Only Open Source?


Only Open Source?