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#= Admin GUI =


tar -xvf
mv websvn-2.3.3 /var/www/html/websvn
chown -R apache.apache /var/www/html/websvn


Fick inte att fungera.

wget --no-check-certificate
gunzip usvn-usvn-1.0.3-0-g60b55f3.tar.gz 
tar -xvf usvn-usvn-1.0.3-0-g60b55f3.tar 
mv usvn-usvn-60b55f3 /var/www/html/usvn
chown -R apache.apache /var/www/html/usvn/


gunzip submin-2.0.tar.gz 
tar -xvf submin-2.0.tar

#= Move a subversion repository =


Old server:

"c:\local\VisualSVN Server\bin\svnadmin" dump Inox > Inox.dmp
"c:\local\VisualSVN Server\bin\svnadmin" dump DigitalLocker > DigitalLocker.dmp

New server:

service httpd stop
yum install mod_dav_svn subversion
serive httpd start
cd /etc/httpd/conf.d/
vi subversion.conf
Remove  comments for Location...and change /repos to /svn and change path for passwd file to /etc/svn-auth-conf 

mkdir /var/www/svn
cd /var/www/svn

svnadmin create Inox
svnadmin load Inox < ~/dwnl/Inox.dmp
chown -R apache.apache Inox

svnadmin create DigitalLocker
svnadmin load DigitalLocker< ~/dwnl/DigitalLocker.dmp
chown -R apache.apache DigitalLocker

svnadmin create TradeServer
svnadmin load TradeServer< ~/dwnl/TradeServer.dmp
chown -R apache.apache TradeServer

htpasswd -cm /etc/svn-auth-conf jonas

service httpd restart

#= Git =

git config --global "Jonas Colmsjo"
git config --global ""

git clone ...                                               # create local copy of remote repository
git pull                                                    # get changes in remote repository
git fetch                                                   # show changes in remote repository
git push                                                    # publish changes to remote repository