Setup AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Get started with AWS EB

STATUS: This is still work in progress

AWS Elastic Beanstalk let’s you deploy PHP applications in a kick. No need for installing servers with web servers etc. This is a short summary of how I got started deploying from Git into Beanstalk. I’m running Mac OSX but it will be pretty much the same on any Linux flavour.

You need to sign up for a Amazon account if you don’t already have one.

See the AWS documentation for more details:

unzip -d ~/local/ 
cd ~/local/AWS-ElasticBeanstalk-CLI-2.0

nano credentials
AWSAccessKeyId=Write your AWS access ID
AWSSecretKey=Write your AWS secret key

chmod 600 credentials

nano ~/.bash_profile
export AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE=~/local/AWS-ElasticBeanstalk-CLI-2.0/credentials
export PATH=$PATH:~/local/AWS-ElasticBeanstalk-CLI-2.0/eb/macosx/python2.7

Initialize a git repository for Elastic Beanstalk and deploy a first version:

cd ~/git/

# Copy into the git repository (Part of downloaded above)
sudo ./

sudo git aws.config
sudo git aws.push

Probably not needed:
sudo eb init
sudo eb status
sudo eb start
Notes ---- * It seams as though the credentials file not is used. Maybe this can be skipped?