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These pages describes an outdated architecture for Gizur OM. These pages are kept for reference.

Technical Architecture


Server farm

The architecture is built around three layers:

  1. A load balancer
  2. Application server cluster - running apache and PHP where scaling is performed by automatically launching and terminating new instances
  3. Database server cluster - a Master/Slave cluster running MySQL

These servers make up a server farm.


vTiger environments are created in the server farm. For each environment is a MySQL user and database created in the MySQL server. Each environment also has a separate vTiger installation on the application server cluster.

There is a set of vTiger environments used for development, test and production:

  1. Sandbox environment - used for “playing around”. This environment is “reset” when needed
  2. Development environment - used for development and unit testing of new functionality
  3. Test environment - used for system and acceptance testing
  4. Production environment - each client has a separate environment

It is possible to create temporary environments (vTiger installation + MySQL database) by copying an existing environment.

Architecture details

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