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#= Development =

Using node.js http-console2 since I was unable to compile UltraESB and the toolbox it contains.

cd /Users/jonas/node_modules/http-console2
./http-console www.gizur.com

Testing the echo-back service:

cd /Users/jonas/node_modules/http-console2
./http-console java.gizurcloud.com:8280
 GET /service/echo-back

#= Configuration =

Default confuiguration

  • http://docs.adroitlogic.org/display/esb/The+Default+Configuration

Spring background

  • http://static.springsource.org/spring/docs/2.5.x/reference/xsd-config.html

#= Installation =

  • http://adroitlogic.org/
  • http://backup.adroitlogic.org/resources/samples-articles-and-tutorials/all-articles/90-three-node-ultraesb-cluster-deployment.html

Open port 8043 in the firewall

wget http://downloads.adroitlogic.com/adroitlogic-ultraesb-1.7.0.zip
mv ... /opt

vi /opt/ultraesb-1.7.0/conf/ultra-root.xml
# Enable remote JMX connections

cd /opt/ultraesb
cd bin

# start new ssh session

vi /opt/ultraesb-1.7.0/uconsole/conf/jetty.xml 

#change localhost to gizurcloud.com etc. Do not change the password

 cd /opt/ultraesb/bin

  • http://backup.adroitlogic.org/resources/samples-articles-and-tutorials/all-articles/84-configuring-jmx-and-console-access.html
By default, the uconsole can be accessed only on the system where its installed, as a security precaution. To enable users from other systems to connect to the uconsole, edit the uconsole/conf/jetty.xml file and change the "Host" attribute of the "SslSocketConnector" from "localhost" to the preferred network interface. You may also wish to change the port used if required. Note that the uconsole is designed to be used over SSL.

#= Run uconsole locally =