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#= Processes =

Manages both products with inventory and services. Verkar endast hantera ett lager.


  1. Campaigns
  2. Calender with events </ol> Sales Forece automation:
    1. Leads - Contact is created, can be converted into Potential
    2. Potential - Account is created, has a status (possible to cusomize?)
    3. Quote - can be added from a potential, has a stage, contains products with quoted prices, quantities also with shipping/handlig and taxes. Sales Order and invoice can be genereated from Quote. Can be exported to PDF.
    4. Sales order - has a status (created/approved/delivered/cancelled). Invoice can be created from Sales Order.
    5. Inoivce -
    6. Document - can be connected to Potential, Quote or Inoivce
    7. Activity - can be connected to Potential, Quote or Inoivce </ol> Support:
      1. Trouble tickets
      2. Service contracts
      3. Projects
      4. Project tasks
      5. Project milestones </ol>